The Fans Have Spoken: Love & Hip Hop Newbie Kiyanne’s Tresses Are Goals

Good skin, nice teeth, and laid edges. Kiyanne is our new girl crush!

Wigs, clip-ins, and weaves… oh my! It seems like every star on the Love & Hip Hop franchise rocks a good length of inches in damn near every color, so it was refreshing to see newbie Kiyanne pull up with her edges laid to the gawds.

Not saying she doesn’t add any extra boost to her ’do, but her hairstyles give off more of that “around the way girl” look. Even on her indoor skydiving date with Jaquae, the Queens MC pulled out that rat-tail comb like a real one because she was not about to look crazy on prime time TV and she didn’t need a bathroom break to freshen up either. From high-ponies to braids to plain ol’ messy buns, Kiyanne rocks it all. While we love the versatility that comes with a bomb closure, let’s take a moment to appreciate her “au naturel” look. Flip through to see the many styles rocked by Kiyanne.

In this Love & Hip Hop clip, Bianca and Mariahlynn plan to set Kiyanne up with Jaquae.

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