Waka Flocka Just Gave Cardi B and Offset a Very Important Marriage Tip

"I think it should always be y’all two agreeing on whatever happens next, before anybody else put words in y’all mouth."

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera just celebrated four years of marriage. Their love has had its rocky moments (as all relationships do) which they’ve been able to bounce back from stronger than ever.

In a new interview with XXL, Waka reveals the invaluable lessons he’s learned about marriage and what it took to make things work following his brief split with Tammy in 2016.

“You gotta be cautious and you have to think when you make moves, because you’re representing another person,” he explains. “So you have to approach things from a perspective of being a married man; on top of being an artist; on top of being a celebrity. You have to stand for damn-near the same things she stands for. So if somebody ask me a question, I damn-near gotta answer it how both of us feel, not just how I feel. How would she look at it? It’s always ‘How would Tammy look at this?’ or ‘What does Tammy think?’ So it’s like that.” Perhaps he was referencing his own comments about Caitlyn Jenner that Tammy then had to answer for during the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as you can see here when she was confronted by D. Smith, who was angry at Waka’s public statements about the trans community.

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