Sneak Peek: Brittney Taylor Flips an Entire Dining Room Table on Kiyanne After Being Told Her Grandmother Is About to Die

"Since you did not say this, put that on your grandmother...."

St. Maarten may be beautiful, but things get ugly quickly when Kiyanne disrespects Brittney Taylor’s ill grandmother.
In the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Brittney is shocked to hear that her bro Jaquae is dating one of her alleged haters, fellow rapper Kiyanne. Things get spicy from the jump when Kiyanne asks Bri “Where you know me from?” Apparently nowhere, but since the hostility is out, the tension in the room thickens. Everyone is confused why this sit down is even happening and Jaquae says he just wants the ladies to “fix” things. The two exchange rumors they heard from one another and the graphics come through with receipts of Brittney Taylor talking about Kiyanne’s motherhood. Kiyanne warns “don’t bring up my child, my pregnancy, or nothing” and after Brittney denies speaking on any of those things, Kiyanne asks her to put it on her grandmother. Brittney has no problem doing so but when Kiyanne says the grandmother would die soon, all hell breaks loose. We all know grandma is a soft spot for Brittney and well, that table does not stay on the ground.

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