5 Reasons Remy Ma is Perfect For Love & Hip Hop

Let's See What the New Love & Hip Hop Star Remy Ma is All About

By now you’ve probably heard the news, but Remy Ma and Papoose announced last night that they are joining Love & Hip Hop, so it’s time to see exactly why this Grammy-nominated rapper and her husband are the perfect duo to join the #LHHNY cast.

  1. She’s Got Industry Cred

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    Remy Ma has released a handful of releases but you definitely have heard (and jammed out to) “Conceited” so let’s start there. Ma has also won a BET Award for Best Female, in addition to two Vibe awards.

  2. Her husband Papoose Does as Well

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    Papoose has been hustling in the industry for a minute now, but you may recognize his feature in Jeannie Ortega’s “Crowded” which was his biggest chart success.

  3. Remy Used To Be Part of The Group Terror Squad

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    Not to be confused with the DC comics group Suicide Squad, the group was comprised of Fat Joe, Big Punisher, Tony Sunshine, and other heavy hitters.

  4. Their Nuptials Were…Interesting

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    Sure, they were originally supposed to be married on a yacht but it didn’t quite work out that way. When Remy Ma was sentenced to go to prison for eight years (she only served six), they changed their arrangements and were married in the clink.

  5. She Has Beef with Nicki Minaj

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    What would Love & Hip Hop be without aplenty of Nicki Minaj feuds? Basically a video surfaced of a masculine-dressed woman to be Minaj dissing Remy (and claiming the two had a relationship). Ma has come out and sort of debunked the accuracy, but regarding her release from prison she added, “Does she have a problem when I come home? Absolutely.” Better watch your back, Nicki.

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