What’s Jessica Dime’s Connection To Young Jeezy, Flo Rida, And Lil’ Kim?

Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece spits the truth about her rap career thus far and why she know she's a star.

This week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece bravely took to the stage during an open mic session to show the world her rapping skills with her single, “So Disrespectful.

The twitterverse may have had mixed reviews regarding her actual skills, but Dime, formerly signed to Flo Rida’s International Music Group says confidently, “When it comes to music, I have real talent.”

Not sure if she’s throwing shade at her fellow cast mates, but VH1.com chats exclusively with Dimepiece to find out more about her sound, who are her musical inspirations, and why she 100% positive she’s going to make it in this rap game.

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