Did You Catch Cardi B’s Super Bowl Commercial Cameo?

And the winner of the entire Super Bowl is...Cardi B!

If you’re like half of America tonight, the only reason you’re watching the Super Bowl is because of the commercials. Well, that and maybe because your friends promised that there would be wings and beer to distract you from the game. The Super Bowl really stepped up their game with commercials this year. Tiffany Haddish is now the spokeswoman for Groupon, a dreamy Chris Pratt is training to be a Michelob Ultra spokesman, and a whole bunch of celebrities came together when Amazon’s Alexa lost her voice.

Did you catch our regula, degula, schmegula girl from the Bronx? Cardi B has been poppin’ up everywhere lately, and now she’s showing up in Super Bowl commercials? Get it, girl!

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