The 2018 Olympics Got Shady AF and We Are LIVING for It!

Thanks to Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir (among others), the ice-cold commentary takes home the gold medal.

The Winter Olympics continue to dazzle audiences this week between its god-like athletes and showmanship, but the real games begin off the ice.

Commentators and former Olympians Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir stole the show from the beginning with their Hunger Games-sheik ensembles.

Just living that peacock life… and loving it. #NBC NNNNNBBBBCCCC

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… But their shady commentary during the figure skating competition won best-in-show.

Weir has no time for clap-backs, either. He doesn’t care if you think he and Tara are harsh. They’re Olympians themselves, after all.

The truth hurts, y’all.

Skaters like Adam Rippon can’t be bothered, however. When asked about what really got him to the Olympics this year after missing the boat to Sochi, he gave a legendary response.

And of course, everyone’s fave, Leslie Jones jumped into the conversation, broadcasting her every thought all over Twitter with absolutely no chill.

She even thinks she should join the shady gang herself.

I mean, she and Weir ARE practically twins, aren’t they?

So who do you think takes the podium as the shadiest of them all?

Tune in and tweet your fave shady moments to us during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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