You’ll Never Guess Who Is Setting Adam Rippon Up With Her Son…

They like him, they really like him!

America’s Olympic sweetheart, Adam Rippon captured the eye and hearts of millions the moment the 2018 Winter Olympics began.

From his fab outfits to his winning personality to his superb athletics, this figure skater has it all. He also makes history as the first openly gay athlete to compete for the U.S. in the Olympics! Total bae material to say the least.

One guy in particular took notice… Actress Sally Field’s son Sam Greisman.

While all of us might have a crush on Adam, not all of us have a famous mother willing to play matchmaker! Sally quoted her son’s tweet, tagging Adam in it in hopes of getting the two together.

The story doesn’t end there, though. At the Buzzfeed Snapchat studio set up in PyeongChang, Adam found out about Sally’s perfect match!

He applauded Sally’s boldness, and then left a coy response for Greisman, insinuating that the two were sure to meet after the Winter Games.

My heart is melting faster than the snow in PyeongChang! Will it be a match made in heaven? Sally sure seems to think so.

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