Safaree’s Fire Nudes Were Leaked and Now the Internet Can’t Stop Drooling Over It

People were ready to ride pon it like a bicycle, lawd.

Safaree, Safaree, Safaree. How you doin? (Wendy Williams’ voice)

To close out an otherwise uneventful weekend, a nude video showcasing Love & Hip Hop star Safaree’s er-um, not-so-little soldier was leaked and it’s more than safe to say that the internet liked loved what they saw. We know his DMs are flooded right now. The actual video is not safe for work, or safe for anywhere other than the privacy of your own home which is why it has since been removed from social platforms. Seriously, I clicked it open and was like,


The response however was overwhelming to say the least.

At first it was like, “Why is Safaree trending?”

Then songs from Black Twitter immediately became a mood.

Tiffany Pollard has a GIF/Video for everything.

His ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj was even dragged into this.

Master Chef Jr. also was not safe.

’Twas a lot to take in (pun willingly intended for most of you) but Twitter was pleased.

God bless you Safaree Samuels. God bless.

It now makes sense that why in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip Safaree beat out Ray J’s count.

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