You May Want to Attend a Church Service After Looking At These Pics Of Men Who Make Up the Peen Dream Team

This article may be safe for work, but the hyperlinks are definitely not.

Safaree’s donkey schlong has broken the internet on some Khardashian ish, so it’s only right to big-up the other members of the exposed peen regime.

Time and time again celebrities have blessed the timeline baring it all and leaving even more to the imagination. Thanks to apps like SnapChat, that few seconds could change your opinion of some of these men. Who are we to complain, right? While a lot of men talk a big game, not all are about that action. Packing or not, there’s no filter for it. It makes you wonder, “is there anymore for me, in those jeans?” (Ginuwine voice) Some, we were able to share censored pics of, and others you’ll have to click through to another site to see more. Take a look at some of the eggplant elite then say a little prayer for all of the wild, wild thoughts each picture comes with.

  • 1 Safaree Samuels
    Safaree’s nude leaked and God is good. This is obviously censored but you can see the NSFW version here.

  • 2 The Game
    Jayceon has a habit of posting and deleting the print of his manhood and it seems to be very manly.

  • 3 Kanye
    Word on the street is that he really does have a big ego.

  • 4 Benzino
    We have a strong feeling Althea wasn’t too happy about this.

  • 5 50 Cent
    If you’re a Power fan then you’d recall the episode where 50 whipped out his peen.

  • 6 Calum Hood
    Back in 2014, this bassist found that SnapChat could create problems when his d–k pic was released. He wasn’t too phased though and joked “Least ya know what it looks like now.”

  • 7 Nikko Smith
    The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star had his beefcake seen by everybody and their horny grandpa when his sex tape with Mimi Faust was arguably leaked. Click here to see the NSFW photo.

  • 8 Joe Budden
    2012 was very revealing for Joe Budden in more ways than one. Not only did he join Love & Hip Hop that year but everyone saw his joey.

  • 9 Jamie Foxx
    2009 was quite a time to be alive for Jamie.

In this throwback Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip, Tommie is adamant that Stevie tried to show her his beefcake.

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