Alexis Ohanian Puts Up Four Billboards to Honor Serena Williams, And Adorable Baby Alexis Is The Main Feature

Meanwhile, we're still eating discounted Valentine's Day chocolates.

Fact: Serena Williams is the GOAT.
Fact: Serena Williams won the husband lottery and is living the dream.

In case you’ve forgotten either of these facts, her husband, Alexis Ohanian Sr. is here to remind you and everyone driving through Palms Spring.

Click through the pictures above as a reminder that true love exists. We know that Serena is the greatest athlete of all time, but Alexis needs us to know that she’s also the greatest momma too. But while we’re talking about facts, let’s also address the fact that Alexis Ohanian is also living the dream. He’s married to Serena, he’s the father of future GOAT Alexis Ohanian Jr. and he’s wealthy enough to hire someone to print and post pictures of the ladies in his life on billboards just because his wife is returning to tennis. Who knew that Three Billboars Outside Ebbing, Missouri could inspire such a beautiful act of love?

We’re still waiting on a call back.

Not all of us have love figured out like the Williams-Ohanians, which is why we needed K. Michelle to break down sex and dating slang of 2018 for us.

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