Angela Bassett is the Ageless Beauty Icon We Don’t Deserve

Ok, we need to see some I.D., because HOW is she 60?!

Angela Bassett literally hasn’t aged and we need answers.

The legendary actress has been doing tons of press for the wild successfully Marvel movie Black Panther looking gorgeous AF and we are once again questioning how she is 60?! I repeat: THIS WOMAN IS 60 YEARS OLD. Her stunning cheekbones, toned bod and radiant skin make us question if its all thanks to good genes or if she might be a vampire.

According an interview Bassett did with People, the key is working out every day for at least 30 minutes and selecting a wardrobe that accentuates your best assets. “I’ll say to my glam team, ‘I have great arms, you might want to show that!’ I believe we all have something—great legs, beautiful hair—so find your something, be proud of it, and accentuate it.”

It never ceases to amaze us how Ms. Bassett has continuously managed to looked half her age, and its never a bad time to pay homage to the real life Benjamin Button. Cruise through this gallery of all the time’s she’s made us clutch our pearls with her ageless beauty.

  • 1 Abs on Abs
    If Angela Bassett can maintain abs of steel at 60, there’s honestly no excuse for the rest of us.

  • 2 A Subtle Slay
    She is wearing this African print dress, okay!

  • 3 Shimmying Through At The Black Panther Premiere
    What did we do to deserve such a goddess? Absolutely nothing.

  • 4 Push Through, Ray of Sunshine
    The sun can go on break.

  • 5 She’s Literally a Work of Art
    Sometimes you just have to step back and let your lady get her shine on.

  • 6 HOW?!
    It’s not even fair, TBH.

  • 7 Toned AF
    Her arms deserve their own biopic.

  • 8 That Glow, Though!
    She is so radiant, it’s insane!

  • 9 The Color Queen
    Ms. Bassett’s philosophy is the brighter the better.

  • 10 Look Back At It
    The actress looked f*ckin fierce at Christian Siriano’s book launch in L.A.

  • 11 Her Regal Slay Is So Effortless
    Like…it’s not even fair.

  • 12 So Nice, We Posted It Twice
    Every. Single. Angle. Is. Perfection.

  • 13 Yes Queen!
    She clearly found the fountain of youth and isn’t sharing.

  • 14 Send Help!
    No seriously, she takes our breath away.

Karlie Redd doesn’t look a day over 30, but that hasn’t stopped the Love & Hip Hop cast from constantly questioning her age.

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