O’S**t & His Wife Nikki’s Posts Celebrating Their Two-Year Anniversary Highlight the Difference Between Men and Women ?

Two years down, a lifetime to go.

It’s been two years since O’S**t transformed back into Richard Duncan and he is happier than ever to call Nikki his wife.

Since learning Nikki was eight months pregnant while filming Black Ink Crew, the Duncans have been going strong. O’S**t and Nikki recently celebrated their second anniversary and took to Instagram to share some loving words about the time they’ve spent together. In her post, Nikki shared a pic and sweet story detailing the moment that she realized she was her husband’s ride-or-die.

We had just met 2 weeks before this picture was taken. I talked to you 7 hours a day in between meetings at work. I took a random red-eye flight to NY to be with you. It was spontaneous and not thought out. We went to Summer Jam randomly and made-out like 15 year olds the whole time. You made me try Caribbean food with @tattoothetown and I hated it ? you almost got into a fight with a random at the concert and I jumped in and told them to suck my d–k from the back ?…. nothing made sense when everything made sense then. You’ve always been my person. I packed my bags and quit my job the next week- We were married 2 weeks later. Thank you. @ohshitsad ❤️

O’S**t also acknowledged his anniversary but in typical man fashion, he wasn’t too caption heavy but still happy nonetheless.

2 years ago. When we were younger looking, freshly married and got more sleep. Jk @kishenaye_ you can still get it..

Happy Anniversary to Richard and Nikki Duncan!

In this Black Ink Crew clip, Nikki tells O’S**t she’s pregnant via Facetime.

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