ICYMI: Safaree Gives MariahLynn A Glimpse of His Anaconda In This Never-Before-Seen Clip

...and her reaction was the same as all of ours. ?

Word on the street is, Safaree got that motha-f—in’ monsta!

If you ever wondered if MariahLynn and Safaree ever got naked, here’s your answer.
While Safaree is asking, “When the hell did that happen?” Mariah has full recollection of her time in the bathtub with the Stunt Man. “Originally it was to be petty towards Dreamdoll,” Mariah says, but she admits that once she got to know Safaree, she “actually likes him as a person.” To be clear, she “didn’t force him to get into the tub.” Also, it doesn’t affect her relationship with Dream because “that was the past,” but it further proves Juju’s point as to why she could never date him.

“Nothing but the kiss happened in the hot tub,” according to Ms. Once Upon a Time who continued, “even after that scene when I seen the scene with him and Juju and I seen them reenacting her play, I hit Safaree like, ’Wait, I have so much love for Juju.'” We all do but Juju had to make it clear that she and Safaree never kissed. According to Remy and whoever else, Juju isn’t allowed to date anyone, including Safaree.

MariahLynn’s face when he pulled down his pants though.


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