Peep These Pictures Of Baby Kannon, Jasmine and Kirk’s Son, To See Where He Gets His Cuteness From

Such a little cutie.

Season six of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta introduced us to the Jasmine WashingtonKannonKirk Frost paternity saga. Kirk dragged his feet when it came to taking a paternity test, but he finally came to his senses somewhere in between seasons. Now, a year later and we know the results of the DNA test (which literally NO ONE on social media was surprised by) we just want to see more of Kannon, our favorite young cast member. You know, to check out the resemblance.

  • 1 Jasmine’s boyfriend Rod, stepping up for some quality time with Kannon.

  • 2 “Judge me by my size, do you?”

  • 3 Kannon made a mess, but who could be mad at that face?

  • 4 Those. Eyelashes. Are. Everything.

  • 5 Gotta make sure this young king is buckled up for a ride through the concrete jungle.

  • 6 Find somebody who loves you the way Kannon loves cheese curls.

  • 7 Twinning with Mommy.

  • 8 No pants, no worries.

  • 9 Getting into politics nice and early.

  • 10 Things are looking up.

  • 11 Lakeside chillin’.

  • 12 Kannon’s first Christmas.

  • 13 Any time is nap time.

  • 14 Snow day, fun day.

  • 15 “That one time we tried braids, but it didn’t work out too well.” ?

  • 16 Kannon’s first birthday.

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