Kirk Finally Sits Down With Jasmine On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

We're surprised that this ended up turning out so...normal.

Kirk has had his fair share of awkward conversations so far on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. First, he had to tell Rasheeda that he finally took a paternity test and is indeed the father of Jasmine’s son, Kannon. Then, he had to talk to his kids and break the news to them, and now he’s finally sitting down with Jasmine to hash things out.

Kirk’s knows that he’s got nobody to be mad at but himself going into the meeting with Jasmine. “I’m definitely stressed out, but I’m mad at myself for getting myself in this situation in the first place,” he says before meeting with her face-to-face. But that doesn’t keep him from being nervous about what Jasmine has to say. The pair only speak through their lawyers, so they meet at Kirk’s attorney’s office, where Jasmine wants answers about whether or not Kirk will see Kannon or be part of his life.

Kirk is “definitely going to play a role” in Kannon’s life, though up until now it has just been from afar. When Kirk sees a video of Kannon in all of his adorable glory, he’s beaming. He knows that, “regardless how he came about, he does deserve the best possible life.”

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