From “Delete Grindr” to “Don’t Sign the Prenup” the Season Ten Drag Race Queens Give Meghan Markle Advice About Becoming Royalty

This advice might make Miss Markle blush!

The Queens of season ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race know what it’s like to put on a corset, a crown, and carry around a scepter to give you that regal, royal fish, henny. So, when it comes to the impending nuptials of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle, who better to give some wisdom to the future Princess (or Duchess of Sussex) about how she can handle her new life in the spotlight?! The Queens got our girl covered.

The Drag Race girls advice ranges from “stay humble” to “stay snatched” so flip through some of your faves most regal looks and get into their Queenly guidance.

  • 1 Aquaria
    “Congratulations on being the princess but I’m the Queen.”

  • 2 Asia O’Hara
    “I would give Meghan the advice to screw it up as soon as she can because I am in love with Prince Harry and I am second in line to be the princess. I don’t know if he told her that yet.”

  • 3 Blair St. Clair
    “Always stay true to yourself. Always remain polite, professional, and humble.”

  • 4 Dusty Ray Bottoms
    “F–k everyone else, especially that’s already royalty, because when you’re joining something so established and so family connected and powerful, they’re going to give you a hard time coming into it. F–k everyone, and live your best life and feel your Queen fantasy.”

  • 5 Eureka O’Hara
    “I think she needs to use her platform for good. Represent the community that you come from–show how intelligent a beautiful woman of color can be in power. Show it respect, and show the world how much of a woman and how much of a Queen you can be”

  • 6 Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams
    “Be sassy. Keep it cute. And always be humble.”

  • 7 Kameron Michaels
    “I think she needs to remember that it’s a position of power and everyone is watching her and she’s going to be an example to a lot of little girls who want to be princesses and queens so remember to act like one.”

  • 8 Mayhem Miller
    “I would tell her to have an open relationship so I can join it since Prince Harry likes a little chocolate. I’m down for this and want to become a little royalty like, in real life, not pretend–like, ’Ooh, she’s a drag queen,’ but like no, she’s really going to be a Queen.” [Laughs]

  • 9 Miz Cracker
    “My advice to Meghan Markle is to remember that a royal family is made up of royal family members, and not to forget her own royalty when she’s standing next to other royals.”

  • 10 Monique Heart
    “Don’t sign the prenup–take all the money! All of it.” [Monique Heart noises]

  • 11 Monét X Change
    “She’s about to be a queen so she needs to be poised at all times. I know she thinks she’s a real woman, well not thinks, she is but she should still wear corsetry at all times because it is important to represent America over in the U.K. and be as snatched as possible. And at least twice a month, she needs to give me one of those princess waves–I don’t care if she’s going to the f–king deli to get a sandwich, just give me a nice princess wave.”

  • 12 Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
    “I would tell her to make sure she deletes Grindr off of his phone. Make sure he don’t got no Tinder. Get his Facebook account. Make sure you get the fingerprint on his iPhone. And make sure his ass comes home by 7 o’clock. Ain’t no fooling around in the kingdom. No.”

  • 13 The Vixen
    “I couldn’t give advice to her. I need to take advice from her. She’s doing it better than all of us but if anything, I would say, don’t worry about what people think because you’ve already jumped through so many hoops and overcome so many odds so obviously you have the intuition you should trust.”

  • 14 Yuhua Hamasaki
    “Do anal, it will keep the man’s heart forever. Do anal.”

In the highlight below the queens try their hand in an acting challenge for the parody “Breastworld.”
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