Roseanne Barr Quits Twitter Over Racist Tweet and TBH We’re Relieved

OMG, who's next? Please say Donald Trump!

Roseanne Barr is like that racist aunt that you keep “forgetting” to invite to Thanksgiving dinner, but who shows up anyway and manages to top herself every time. No matter how often the sitcom star is checked by people on Twitter, she continues to tweet racist conspiracy theories and write them off as “free speech” and “jokes.”

This weekend, Roseanne took it too far, though (although let’s be real, she has consistently been taking it too far.) She tweeted that former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett was what you would get if the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes film had a baby. Jarrett is from Iran and is African American–the intent of the disgusting tweet is clear.

The 65-year-old then tweeted and retweeted a slew of tweets linking Chelsea Clinton to billionaire donor George Soros, calling Soros a Nazi and accusing him of trying to overthrow the government. Clinton has no ties to Soros and the tweets are just par for the course for Barr.

She also tweeted that she was against the Obamas signing a deal with Netflix to produce content for the streaming service.

It’s cool, not like there’s a reality star who is acting as the sitting president. But go off, I guess?

After experiencing some backlash, the sitcom actress then tweeted:

Is that a chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah?” Why do I suddenly feel warm all over? Does this mean Donald Trump is next?

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