Chris Pratt Went From Goofy Guy to Hollywood Hottie and We’ve Got Photos to Prove It

Chris Pratt is truly a gift to us all.

39 years ago today, the Earth was blessed with one of the hottest Chrises in Hollywood: Chris Pratt. Since the start of his career, we’ve watched Pratt go from lovable, goofy Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec. to super hero stud in Guardians of the Galaxy and we have loved every single second of it. In honor of the star’s 39th year of making us ask, “Is it hot in here????” we’ve put together a gallery of his transformation. Go ahead and grab a glass of water before you click through because by the time you’re done, you won’t just be thirsty, you’ll be parched. Shall we begin?

  • 1
    Here’s Pratt in 2002, looking like that boy you knew in high school who owned multiple pairs of Vans and loved skateboards.

  • 2
    Here he is in a train conductor’s hat. These hats are back on trend now so maybe Chris’s fashion is just ahead of its time.

  • 3
    A lot going on here but one thing is clear: Chris Pratt invented the “duck face.”

  • 4
    This outfit is…a statement.

  • 5
    Chris Pratt loved him some graphic tees.

  • 6
    Really. He loved them.

  • 7
    And also loved wearing more than one polo at a time…and then taking them all off.

  • 8
    Pratt took some real risks with his fashion.

  • 9
    But look how handsome he is when he gets dressed up!

  • 10
    And looks like a real adult! A really adorable adult.

  • 11
    Here he is in Parks & Rec as Andy Dwyer. Say what you want, but this man can rock a flannel.

  • 12
    Ah, here comes the pivotal shift in Pratt’s style.

  • 13
    Wait for it…

  • 14
    Wait for it…

  • 15

  • 16
    Getty Images
    I mean…

  • 17
    I didn’t know we were getting invited to a gun show?!

  • 18
    Restarting my petition to get Chris Pratt to play the new James Bond. I never want to see him in anything other than a tuxedo ever again.

  • 19
    Just kidding. I don’t mind if he takes off the tuxedo.

  • 20
    Pratt played Owen in Jurassic World, a man who could wrangle raptors and our hearts.

  • 21
    He lives for ~*danger.*~

  • 22
    He went full-on Star Lord at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards and I don’t hate it.

  • 23
    OMG…giddy up, partner! Pratt put the ’yee’ in YEEHAW when he starred in The Magnificent Seven.

  • 24
    Here he is looking dapper AF at the premiere of Passengers.

  • 25
    And here he is looking buff AF in the movie.

  • 26
    Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but why have a fish when you can have Chris Pratt???

  • 27

  • 28
    Here he is, thinking about how beautiful he is.*


  • 29
    Who gave Chris Pratt permission to STEAL our hearts? It’s rude, tbh.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star talks about stepping into the Marvel universe, and the special powers that belong to his Parks and Recreation character Andy Dwyer.