Look Ma, No Hands: Check Out 10 Times VH1 Stars Amicably Squashed Their Beef

There's no more beef or a reason to roll 30 deep.

When you think Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Black Ink Crew or even Basketball Wives, one of the things that first comes to mind is drama. From arguments, to scheming, to diss-tracks, to flat out brawls, people really do try it but seriously, it’s like “can’t we all just along?”

While different personalities clash to the point of what’s equivalent to a nuclear explosion, not every person resorts to clapbacks and wig-tuggin’ to resolve an issue. Some people always take the peaceful route and for others it’s a refreshing rarity. Let’s milly rock down memory lane and take a look at the times our faves amicably squashed their beef.

  • Rasheeda and Jasmine

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    Since announcing that she gave birth to married man Kirk Frost’s baby, Jasmine was hunting Rasheeda down to work on being one big happy family. That logic confused Rasheeda because although she is unhappy about the circumstance, any conversation regarding baby Kannon needs to be had with Kirk; it has nothing to do with her. Staying true to her habitual popper-upper ways, Jasmine pulls up on Rasheeda while in Texas and tension-filled doesn’t begin to describe the scene. While on-lookers stay alert in case anything went down, Rasheeda’s reaction was as classy as she has always been.

  • O’S**t and Kathie

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    There was a time when O’S**t and the mother of his oldest child could not stay in the same room with one another. Their confrontations almost always resulted in all types of jabs about the others’ parenting skills. These arguments prevented Richard from seeing his son Achilles and in attempt to reconnect with his son, O’S**t and Kathy surprisingly reach a civil agreement.

  • Tommie and Tiarra

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    Tiarra and Tommie were never friends but with Scrapp in jail, Miss Lee has no problem meeting up with her former nemesis. The last time the ladies tried to hash things out, it didn’t end well, but now they’re meeting on some grown woman ish.

  • Spice and Tokyo Vanity

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    Language barriers perpetuated a fight between Spice and Tokyo Vanity and in their final sit-down, they realized the root of their problems. The name-calling that led to a hammer hit with purse was all caused by miscommunication, the ladies learned in this highlight clip, and now it’s time for them to move forward.

  • Donna and Sky

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    Sky’s major familial issues took a toll on her so much so that she found herself wildn’ out a lot more than usual during season six of Black Ink Crew. She even went off on Donna, someone she considers a “sister.” Not backing down, Donna defends herself when Sky tries to falsely place blame on her regarding doubts about the paternity of O’S**t’s daughter. Now, it’s clear Sky did attack Donna, but thankfully for her, her friends know it’s all love. Sky ended up realizing just how badly she bugged out and in a Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde moment, the ladies hugged it out.

  • Tami and Evelyn

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    After four years of not speaking, Shaunie was able to get Tami to speak with Evelyn Lozada regarding their she said/she said bull. When the former friends tried to hash out where things went left all of that time ago, the conversation goes from twitter fingers to Evelyn sleeping with Tami’s ex-husband while she was still technically married. The “non-factor” comment rubbed Tami the wrong way and although that conversation resulted in a walk-out, this one ended better than anyone could expect. You can’t fake that happiness!

  • Momma Dee and Erica Dixon

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    For years, Momma Dee and Erica Dixon have been bickering up a storm, so when Momma Dee showed her former faux daughter-in-law hella love during season seven, even Rasheeda was confused. Erica would never have thought that she and Emani’s grandmother would get along, but with quality time of the essence, there’s no room for drama. Bambi is about to start a family with Scrappy so there’s no grudges on Erica’s end. It’s all copacetic now, but the petty part of her still takes pleasure knowing that Momma Dee is the Bamb’s problem, though.

  • Pam and Lyrica Garrett

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    The mothers of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple A1 and Lyrica Anderson stayed coming at each others necks. It gave us the memorable Safaree eating ribs GIF. Waist trainers were thrown quicker than the shadiness when A1 suggested Lyrica G’s mom could use one, but that was all in the past. This time around, the ladies came together to resolve the issues that nearly ruined their children’s marriage.

  • Jessica Dime and Joseline

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    When Jessica Dime first made her Atlanta debut, she and the Puerto Rican princess were going at it on-site almost 100% of the time. The two had history which led to arguments and money-throwing all season. Granted, Nina Parker mediated this conversation during the same reunion Dime made peace with Mimi, but their issues were smoothed over nonetheless. What started as an heated exchange deescalates when speaking on menage-a-trios sexcapades, leading Joseline to compliment Jessica for being a baddie in and outside of the bedroom.

  • Tommie and Versace

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    An alleged fight between Tommie and Versace led the sisters to a falling out so bad, the two were barely able to stay in the same room with one another. After dealing with serious issues instigated by alcohol, Tommie reevaluated her life including her relationship with the baby sister she raised. Sober off that Sprite, the ladies sat down with their mother and apologized for the roles they played to get to that point, all while realizing there are bigger issues to stress about.

So the next time you have that urge to drag a chick over her Twitter fingers, channel your inner Erica Dixon while reciting this mantra:

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