Is This Real Life?! This Former I Love New York Contestant Was Awarded $10 Million After Being Framed for Murder

This gives a whole new meaning to his nickname.

In literally the most insane news we’ve heard all year, a former I Love New York contestant was awarded $10 million dollars after a jury found he was framed, for murder.

Okay, back tracking for you. In July 2010, Jamal Rashead Trulove, a.k.a. “Milliown,” “True,” and “Jamal Bryant” from season two of I Love New York was found guilty of first degree murder and weapon chargers in San Francisco. He was sentenced to 50 years to life after a witness insisted they recognized the reality personality from his brief stint on I Love New York.


However in 2015, a jury acquitted Trulove of murder in a retrial. According to SFGate, “an appeals court ruling [threw] out his earlier conviction because of a prosecutor’s improper closing argument.” He had served six years in prison.

Now, in case you missed it because, well, we did–this past April 2018, Trulove was awarded $10 million after a jury ruled that he was framed for the murder. The former reality star contestant accused four police officers of framing him.

According to SFGate, “an eight-member jury in Oakland heard three weeks of testimony and deliberated for two days before unanimously finding…the two lead homicide inspectors on the case, Michael Johnson and Maureen D’Amico, had violated Trulove’s rights by fabricating evidence against him and withholding evidence that might have helped him.”

The city of San Francisco was responsible for the damages. If you want to hear more about Jamal’s story, you can watch his interview with the Sana G Morning Show on 106.1 KMEL.

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