As If! The Definitive Clueless Quiz

Test your knowledge of the classic teen movie to celebrate its 20th anniversary!

July 19 marks 20 years since Clueless hit theaters and we are, like, totally buggin’ over the anniversary. The definitive teen movie of the ’90s—no, of all damn time—created a whole new language (“Whatever!”), style (knee socks!), and movie stars (Paul Rudd! Alicia Silverstone!) for an entire generation.

Writer-director Amy Heckerling’s comedy masterpiece is still as beloved today as it was 20 years ago because, despite some fashion ensembles that have aged poorly, it’s still as charming, funny, and way existential as it ever was. That’s why you love it, obv! But how well do you really know Clueless? To confirm that you are a true hardcore fan and not a fraud, test your knowledge by taking our definitive Clueless quiz. (Mr. Hall will be grading you accordingly!)