Ryan Henry’s Newest Shop Manager, Brittany Slam, May Be Just What He Needs to Get 9 Mag Up & Running Again

Get slammed!

It’s about time 9 Mag gets it together again.

Ryan Henry and his shop have been filtering through employees left and right but with his newest manager, he may find the peace he’s been hoping for. Following the explosive season five finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Kat’s allegations, and eventual departure Ryan cleaned shop by firing everyone he once called family to start fresh.

With Junior on timeout for that big brawl that went down in Jamaica with their now-rivals Loyal Ink, Ryan had to hire someone to help get his new shop up and running and that someone is Brittany Slam.

Within five minutes of meeting her, we already see she plays zero games. Who is this focused, no bulls–t boss, you might ask? Well…

Hopefully she is exactly what Ryan Henry needs to get it together ’cause chile, he could use the help.

You can catch Brit, 9 Mag, Loyal Ink, and all things entertaining, Wednesdays at 8/7c on Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

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