Which Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Just Announced Plans To Retire From Music And Become A Lawyer?

She's looking for a lil' career change.

Lil’ Mo says she’s putting down the mic in order to pick up a briefcase.

In an Instagram press release, she let everyone know about the new direction she wants to take in her life.
She said,

Today has been one of those day. I usually hold it all together. but when it’s so much going on inside it’s hard to suppress something you have been wanting to do. I’ve given 20 years plus to being LIL’ MO. I’m going to you all NEW MUSIC and a NEW YV show in 2019. We pushing for january!! Then after that, it’s time to be Cynthia Dargan. I’ve alwys wanted to be a LAWYER! The time is now. I’ll use my influence to be great. Pray for my family and I. This is a decision I’ve been wanting to make but the time has come.

The caption for the photo said,

unless my new song with w— K—- do so crazy that i have no choice but to tour. a b—- gonna give y’all an album and i’m bout to be somebody LIT Ass attorney. i can’t wait. so the next decade i need to be totally focused!! #LILMOvsCYNTHIADARGAN

OK SIS! We see you ascending to new heights by following your dreams Cynthia Dargan! We don’t know who “K—” is, but we’re excited for this new music and switch up. Honestly, the past year has been filled with ups and downs for the “Superwoman” singer and rapper, from joining Love & Hip Hop to suffering a miscarriage. When she took her husband, Karl, to Couples Court, things weren’t looking to strong for their relationship. But they’re still going strong and that trip to a courtroom might be what motivated her to become an attorney.

She’s told us right before the last season of Love & Hip Hop that she’s in a new place of her life and that she’s going to be empowering to herself no matter what so we’re happy she’s doing just that.

Hello, Cynthia Dargan, JD!

If anyone can make the jump from rapper to lawyer, it’s definitely Lil’ Mo. Don’t believe us? Watch her ask all the right questions when she catches her husband lying about his secret Instagram account.

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