Bad Boy Fo’ Life: What Stevie J Can Bring Back To Hip Hop With His Bad Boy Return

From the Diddy bop and beyond.

VH1’s very own Stevie J is getting back on his grind, folks! In case the Bad Boy reunion at the BET Awards didn’t clue you in, Sean “Diddy” Combs is feeling nostalgic and wants to take it back to his Puff Daddy days. So naturally he has enlisted the original hitman to bless his new album.

With Stevie’s musical genius, that good Bad Boy vibe that dominated the charts in the ’90s will be making a strong comeback in no time. Here’s what we hope Stevie’s production skills can revive in today’s hip hop scene.

  • Rappers Dancing In Videos

    Nowadays, rappers are too cool to be busting a two-step in their videos. Just standing around and mean-mugging seems to be the only protocol that they follow and it’s really starting to get hella boring. We miss the days when Puff and Mase weren’t afraid to show off with their dancing skills. And yes, they looked cool while doing it.

  • The Diddy Bop

    We can’t discuss Puff’s dancing skills and not mention his infamous Diddy Bop. This will go down as the the original hip hop dance, way before the Whip, Nae Nae and the Shmoney dance were ever born.

  • Flashy Outfits

    The outfits were another symbolic element of Bad Boy in the ’90s. The bright-colored body gear and bling combo made everyone take notice and understand that they were watching greatness occur. The simple white T-shirt and jeans wardrobe in today’s vids just aren’t cutting it anymore.

  • Unreleased Biggie Tracks

    How amazing would it be if the public could hear some brand new music from the one and only Notorious B.I.G? Hip hop music lovers everywhere still can’t get enough of him, even 18 years after his tragic murder. Maybe Stevie and Puff know of some hits that have never been released?

  • Timeless Beats

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    The beats of songs like “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and “Feel So Good” can never get old—every time they come on, you can’t help but move. So much of today’s music sounds the same, regardless of who’s rapping or singing over it. We want Stevie to push the envelope once more to remind today’s MCs AND producers that beats should always be unique and irreplaceable.

  • Hits With The Bad Boy Legends

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    Lil Kim, Faith Evans, New Edition, Jadakiss—the list of legends goes on and on. New music from these greats could be just what the industry needs to wake up. Today’s music is very safe, but these Bad Boy Artists weren’t afraid to be daring and different.

Let’s go Stevie. Hip hop needs you.

"It's one life to live, so live it the best you can. The world could use one less man." - Nas