5 Reasons Why Justin Bieber’s Next Album Will Be His Best

Bieber Season!

Bieber season is coming, I can feel it. Justin Bieber’s bad boy antics have been relatively quiet as of late, but the relevancy and hype surrounding his name couldn’t be more intact.

Yesterday “Perfect Together,” a potential single of his next album, was leaked online, and you better beliebe that Beliebers are going nuts. Whether you love him or hate him, and even if it might hurt your soul, you have to admit that song sounds awesome. It makes me think that the Biebs is starting to come into his musical prime. His crooning is at its best, his famous break-up with Selena Gomez has made him more emotional, and his recovering public image have all fueled him to potentially make the best album of his career thus so far. Here are 5 Reasons Why Justin Bieber’s Next Album Will Be His Best.

  1. His Break Up With Selena Gomez

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    This is the most obvious, but also the most important. His break up with Selena Gomez was one of the biggest celebrity break ups in recent memory. “Sometimes your worst self is your best self” says Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) in one of the better True Detective quotes.

    Many artists have created amazing albums after going through a bad break up. Kanye West’s 808 & Heartbreaks, Adele’s 21, and every Taylor Swift album are prime examples. It will come to no surprise that Justin’s next project will be his most personal, which could lead to it being his best.

  2. His R&B Crooning Couldn’t Be Better

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    Justin’s crooning is undoubtedly at its best. Just listen to his collaboration with Jack Ü (Diplo/Skrillex), “Where Are Ü Now.” His adolenscent awkward crackly struggle puberty voice is no more, and the grown and sexy Justin is emerging. If you still don’t believe me, then listen to his NSFW cover of Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love To You.” He’s also stated in an interview with Fuze.tv that his next project will have “snippets” of the style of “Where Are Ü Now.” I’m sold.

  3. Impressive Collaborations

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    The pop singer’s reported collaborations are all music heavyweights. Bieber has confirmed that he is currently working with Kanye West in the studio. If you were a fan of Kanye’s remix to Justin’s “Runaway Love” for his G.O.O.D. Friday series, you should be excited. He is also rumored to be working with legendary producer Rick Rubin, as well as Diplo and Skrillex again. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another collaboration with old friend and mentor, Usher. Even Prince Jackson is reportedly making a surprise appearance.

  4. His Public Image Is At An All Time High

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    Throughout the year, Bieber has focused on re-establishing himself as humble (he willingly signed up for a Comedy Central roast), as a sex symbol (see his shirtless Calvin Klein ad), and also charitable (the longtime philanthropist earned extra points by visiting a burn victim on The Doctors). He’s turned a new leaf for now, so he should take full advantage before he screws up again. People will definitely enjoy the album more if they don’t hate you, Biebs!

  5. The Leak of His Potential Single Is Great

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    A new song by Bieber, purportedly titled “Perfect Together,” surfaced online earlier today (July 19) and it’s awesome. Like I stated earlier, he dives right into his relationship with Selena as he sings “I know I’m not perfect sometimes / I know you’re not perfect sometimes / But even when it’s wrong it feels right / ‘Cause we’re perfect together.” The feels! It isn’t his most poppy of songs, but it is one of his most relatable. If we get more songs like “Perfect Together” we are in for a treat.