DJ Ashba Pens Emotional Note To Fans After Quitting Guns N’ Roses

The future of the Axl Rose-led outfit is uncertain following guitarist's departure.

Guns N’ Roses is down a guitarist after DJ Ashba announced his departure from the band following a six year stint. The news should come as little surprise, considering Ashba recently admitted that the Axl Rose-lead outfit were on an indefinite hiatus. Lately he’s devoted his energy to touring with Nikki Sixx’s project, Sixx: AM, which Ashba says allows him to indulge his “passion for creating music.”

Despite the split, Ashba took the time to pen an emotional note to fans in which he looks back at his time with in GNR with fondness. Read his full message below.

For now it’s unclear who, if anyone, will replace Ashba in Guns N’ Roses. There are many who feel that the group is a spent force— could this be for the final death knell? Or maybe it’ll spark a long-awaited reunion with original guitarist, Slash! OK, we won’t hold our breath for that one. Good or bad, the future of Guns N’ Roses is extremely uncertain.

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