Scott Disick Is On Thin Ice With Kourtney Kardashian + More Wednesday Tidbits

Plus, Cara Delevingne has an awkward AF Paper Towns interview.

The world freaked out when Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian announced their break-up earlier this month. The couple’s on again, off again status gave some fans hope of a reconciliation. However, Scott’s latest antic may have put him in the dog house. For good.

According to People, Lord Disick was snapped kissing a mysterious blonde woman Friday in Las Vegas, and the stunt has Kourtney less than pleased. The sad part is Scott reached out to Kourt and their three kids prior to the incident about stepping up to the “good father” plate. But this latest antic set him back several steps.

“It was like he undid all his progress from the past week and then some,” a source told People. “He really screwed up, again, and the entire family knows all about it.” Yikes! [People]

  • Cara Delevingne took a break from humping cars to do some more press for her white-hot film Paper Towns. She remotely chatted with some particularly peppy Good Day Sacramento hosts, and they took issue with Cara’s deadpan sarcasm. It’s an awkward exchange to say the least, ending with the hosts telling Cara to “take a nap” and drink Red Bull. Let the girl live! [UPI]
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