Hold On. Did Ryan Reynolds Just Admit His Penis Was “Threatening”?

Yup. I think he did.

Ryan Reynolds and his phenomenally dirty mind made last night’s Conan the most R-rated episode of late night TV ever. His Deadpool character gave Conan a sultry massage.

Thanks to the red band trailer, F-bombs were dropped as hard as Tyga’s surprise album.

Oh, and Ryan admitted to taking a dick pic as a prank for his dad when he was a “terrible” 18-year-old. “In the middle of dinner, I grabbed the camera and I went in the bathroom and I just took a picture of my penis. I just wanted to see if he would naturally edit these photos at some point. One day—I hope it doesn’t happen—there’s a penis picture of mine floating around somewhere,” bae said.

Embedded from teamcoco.com.