The Most ’90s Facial Hair of All Time

Are you ready for the "braided beard" to make a comeback?

From musicians to movie stars, everyone is rocking the full beard this year. Even in the heat of the summer, the hairy trend continues to prevail. Still, if you think that’s crazy, you probably missed the ’90s.

From about 1990-1998, some very weird facial hairstyles dominated the music world. There were a lot of incomplete goatees and quite a few runaway beards. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the craziest and most ’90s facial hair below– but we’re warning you, you can never un-see what you’re about to witness.

  • 1 The Floating Goatee
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    A goatee is just a small patch of hair located on the chin. Seemingly simple, yet in the ’90s, a lot of musicians literally missed the mark. John Dolmayan style was the perfect example of this nonchalant look, he had a soul patch just above his chin, so it wasn’t quite a goatee, but it can’t be disregarded all together. Hence, a new category is born: “the floater.”

  • 2 The Chin Mane
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    This exaggerated style still lives on today– ahem, Brad Pitt– but it was all the rage for rockers back in the day. Anthrax’s lead guitarist Scott Ian not only sported this look, but he often dyed his mane. We’re guessing to match his mood.

  • 3 The Braided Beard
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    Shavo Odadjian clearly takes the cake when it comes to braided beards. The man had facial hair longer than the hair on most people’s head. It wasn’t a good luck, but it was very ’90s.

  • 4 The Landing Strip
    This style is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a thin strip of hair that starts under the lip and ends wherever it wants. Please look to Art Alexakis for reference. The dad of three still rocks his classic style although no one else has since 1998.

  • 5 Animal Style Sideburns
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    Sideburns alone aren’t a ’90s trend, but grooming those bad boys to your jawline? That’s something that most men avoid these days. Back in his Limp Bizkit prime, Wes Borland sported some of the creepiest sideburns we’ve ever seen. (Seriously, if his appearance in the “Nookie” video doesn’t haunt you, we don’t know what will.)

  • 6 The Hourglass Conundrum
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    Fred Durst rocked this style loud and proud in the ’90s. His thin and oddly shaped beard closely resembled an hourglass.

  • 7 The Dot
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    This style is similar to the “floating goatee” with considerably less effort. As the name suggests, it is a literal dash of hair under your lip. Not very logical, but it was a trend all the same.

  • 8 The 3-piece Masterpiece: A Combination Style
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    Although this style combines three already horrible looks on the list, it has to stand on it’s own for all of the musicians who rocked this exact look. Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain wore it best. Not only did Kurt’s mustache connect to his beard, but he took it a step further by having a thin, two-part goatee that wasn’t connected to anything.

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