Jimmy Fallon and Ice Cube Want to Make Sure You Know WTF N.W.A. Does(n’t) Stand For

Straight outta grammar school.

OK, self-proclaimed rap experts, Straight Outta Compton producer Ice Cube is making sure you know what his former rap group N.W.A. stands for. Or, actually, what it doesn’t stand for. Ice joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night to give us a briefing and make it clear that no, N.W.A. does not stand for Nine White Accountants or No Winking Allowed.

If you still don’t know and haven’t heard of this thing called Google, N.W.A. stands for N—-z Wit Attitudes. But let’s be honest with ourselves and each other. Before this extremely informative tutorial, did you know what N.W.A. stood for all this time?

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.