Rasheeda Says She Wasn’t “Looking For Drama” With Kirk & Doesn’t Feel “Salty” About The Ashley Situation

"At the end of the day I'm not looking for drama, I didn't, you know if things would have went another kind of way."

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s relationship has been on a roller coaster throughout their reality TV career. Most recently, and after more than a few fights, Kirk finally helped Rasheeda find a location for her store and the two seem to finally be in a stable place.

VH1 chatted with Rasheeda about how Ashley Nicole came into their life and what she has to say the haters who say she and Kirk were looking for drama this season.

How did you feel everything between you and Ashley played out? What did you think of the reveal that she’s actually gay and in a relationship? Did you feel salty or angry about the way you may have come across on TV about the whole thing?
Rasheeda: Well, salty, I definitely wasn’t salty so that’s clearly not the case. As far as me being angry, no, not angry and I felt like, damn I hate busting in there and it was like her in there with her girlfriend and all. That was a little like, okay, pick it up, regroup, I’m out. [Laughs] Actually, I was glad to know that she was in there with her girlfriend, happy for them [Laughs].

Did it make you see her behavior any differently, knowing, for sure, nothing was going on between she and Kirk? Or do you feel like she was still disrespectful
It doesn’t change that at all, you know what I’m saying? It’s cool. Whatever her sexual preference is, that’s her thing but it didn’t change anything as far as me feeling any different kind of way about her being disrespectful. That ain’t got nothing to do with the other.

Some fans have said, you and Kirk were looking for drama by bringing Ashley on the show and that on Instagram, you and Kirk are always working out and being a happy family with the kids, what is your response to that?
I don’t have a response for that, I mean damn. Just because we are working out together, we’re husband and wife, I mean regardless of having problems and issues, damn we go to the gym together, we have kids together, we’re always gonna be connected to each other in some kind of way. So what the f— do they mean? At the end of the day I’m not looking for drama, I didn’t, you know if things would have went another kind of way. I didn’t know. [He] was signing her and that was what the deal was gonna be I didn’t know she was gonna be disrespectful, no. I wasn’t, that’s just how things happened, so life.

When you saw her perform, did you understand why your husband took her on as a client? Could you get behind her then?
Well the thing is, one thing I know about Kirk is that he worked, he’s always worked with females artists from me and being in a group back in the day, working with you know K.P. from K.P. & Envyi and then, you know, just me as a solo artist. So I got that he signed a female because he likes the hard part of it, because it’s not easy for females and he likes to work the female artists like myself and stuff like that to accomplish something because he knows it’s a challenge. When he signed Ashley, first of all, my main thing was I was like, she gotta have some kind of talent because he wouldn’t even be messing with her if she didn’t. But at the end of the day, I felt like with us being business partners, we should discuss it. I know he didn’t discuss it with me because I had been saying to him “We need to get some of these hot dude artists who popping and get some good singles on him” [and] when he did opposite of what I said? That’s what the whole scenario was, that’s where the problem came in at. I’m like we discussed this we said this is what we gonna do, we listen to artists, we had people in mind and then you went and just did something totally different and I think he was more so feeling sorry for her story, the things that he knew about her and they had discussed. So he felt like “Well maybe I need to try to help her out.”

Is Ashley still working with D-Lo right now?
Umm, you need to ask Kirk… [Laughs]

When you were in the studio working on your song, “I Mean” you said that this next album might be your last album but your fans seem to want you to keep making music. Could you be convinced to make another?
It’s not even gonna be hard to convince me. My fans are like “No Rasheeda, no, this can’t be it” and it’s like you know, I have, music is in my heart. Of course it’s also the door opener for me to be able to do other things that I’m able to do and it’s not the same industry that it used to be so I’ve geared myself up years ago to know that you have to have several other things under your belt and music has been able to provide me that avenue to have my online stores, my cosmetic line, my physical location, and all of that type of stuff. So it’s a passion place for me but at the same time I’m like you know sometimes it gets to a point where it’s not my main thing anymore because I have been able to be blessed with so many other lucrative and great businesses. So it’s more so now I’m doing it more like “Okay this may be my last album” as I’m doing that I’m like “Well I’ll jump in and out and do stuff, I’ll still put out singles, I’ll still do stuff” because I love it but it’s not like okay like before I’m dropping mixtapes and dropping albums like back to back to back.

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