Fact: The YouTube Dictionary Is More Important Than The Actual Dictionary

"Trolling is being a jerk...on purpose."

Do you ever skulk around the Internet, see words like “troll” or “slay,” and think you’ve entered a parallel universe? Is this English? Where am I? What are these words?What are words in general?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And, most important, you’re not insane. The Internet has given birth to a slew of new buzzy words, and some of them don’t exactly make the most sense. (For instance, “troll” means to antagonize someone on the Internet—usually anonymously. It does not, however, mean a mythical cave-dwelling creature. Mind blown, we know.)

Instead of explaining this crazy language ourselves, we’re defaulting to our experts—the badass YouTubers who basically invented and use it on the reg. They’ve created a trusty video that finally translates YouTube speak into, well, human speak. It’s vital that you watch this clip (above) for several reasons:

  • You’ll become a cooler, sexier human.
  • Your tween children, if you have them, will finally make sense.
  • You’ll be more prepared for the 5th Annual Streamy Awards, which honors the coolest peeps making online videos. It airs Thursday, September 17 at 10 p.m. ET on VH1 and our digital platforms. #Education.
  • Speaking of the Streamy Awards, the show’s official website is finally live! Head on over to Streamys.VH1.com to see all the nominees—yaaaas!—get more dish on the event.