What Justin Bieber Can Learn From Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake Before His Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

Justin Bieber has set his sights on 30 Rock, scheduled as both host and musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. You’ve seen the promos, and now, with the impending snowstorm predicted to rock much of the Northeast, you have no choice but to watch. Nicely done, Scooter Braun! We will never question your relationship with the weather gods again.

By agreeing to such a demanding assignment, Bieber follows in the footsteps of Bruno Mars, who held double-duty back in October. He’s dabbled in comedy before, dating back to his first visit to Studio 8H in April 2010 when he wooed Tina Fey with promises of free Spanx, as well as documented Skype sessions with his homie, Drake, and during frequent late-night hangouts with BFF Jimmy Fallon. (I know I’m switching genres here, but it would be criminal to forget about his dramatic turn on CSI.) Personally, the newly-minted adult calls himself a “#pranksterontheloose” and has a playful sense of humor when it comes to the varying styles of denim in his closet. But how will his abilities stack up against those stars who’ve tackled both roles before? Specifically, this fellow one-time 18-year-old and her, um, magical accessories?

Maybe Britney Spears has an unfair advantage or two, but Bieber is the same age, and arguably at the same point in his career, as Ms. Oops was during her SNL debut in 2000. Being funny in an unpredictable environment is no short order for performers who are used to lengthy rehearsals and the safety net of multiple takes. But plenty have risen to the occasion! To help him prepare for tomorrow night’s show, here is a cheat-sheet the Bieb can study up on, based on some of the more successful performer-hosts of the last 15 years.

The country star hosted and performed on SNL two years in a row (more like friends in HIGH places, right?) in 1998 and 1999. Capitalizing on one of the era’s more ridiculous and irresistible recurring sketches, the black-hatted cowboy threw caution to the wind and allowed himself to be tortured by Chris Kattan’s elusive Mango and his tantalizing ways.

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