Frank Ocean Will Not ‘Murder Or Mutilate’ A Man Over Chris Brown Brawl

Well I'm glad that's resolved.

To press charges or not to press charges, that was the question for Frank Ocean. His melee with Chris Brown left folks scratching their heads with unanswered questions like, who started the brawl. Frank was the aggressor according to Chris’s camp and Chris started it according to Frank’s. But Chris’s violent past, Chris leaving the scene and Frank’s tweet claiming he’d been jumped led to a common belief that Frank would press charges. But Frank chooses peace.

In a blog post on his website–the same site he used to come out–he revealed his decision not to move forward with criminal charges or a civil lawsuit.

As a child i thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. but as a man i am not a killer. i’m an artist and a modern person. i’ll choose sanity. no criminal charges. no civil lawsuit. forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. peace, albeit trite, is what i want in my short life. peace.”

Chris just dodged a proverbial bullet. Had FO pressed charges he may have faced jail time for violating his probation. Only thing left for the guys to do is harmonize on wax about forgiveness and sanity. Beef over.

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