Justin Bieber Is Coming For Justin Timberlake’s Comedy Title With Saturday Night Live Gig

While Adam Levine left the musical duties–aside from putting his own stamp on “YOLO”–to Kendrick Lamar during his Saturday Night Live hosting gig, 18-year-old Justin Bieber is handling both this weekend, joining the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, and his pal, Ludacris. It’s a chance to get a little racy, given the 11:30 p.m. showtime, and prove whether or not he has the multihyphenate gene in him à la some other Justin. Bring on the yellow raincoat sketch.

In the Big Apple all week to prepare for Saturday’s show, Bieber has already performed some strange and twisted acts on another NBC late-night program. There’s also been no shortage of ridiculous stories about the Bieb over the last three months, be it Selena Gomez-inspired, pharmaceutical-related, or both. So what can we expect from Bieber when he puts his comedic talents on display at Studio 8H? Googly eyes, “belieb” jokes, and BFF handshakes. Jealous, Jimmy Fallon? Nah.

Playing more of a straight man to SNL vet and (innocent until proven guilty) stalker Kenan Thompson, Bieber relies on the teleprompter a little too much and went heavy on the bronzer–likely in attempt to defeat the harsh lights of television; YouTube lightning is much, much different, you guys. Luckily, NBC pays for week-long rehearsals so talent can learn to perfect its glow.

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