The Grammys Won’t Stop Justin Bieber From Fighting With Patrick Carney Of The Black Keys

The Grammy Awards created some unexpected pairings and delivered even more surprising interactions. We may not have expected Adele to wave her finger at Chris Brown, but we’re glad she did, and similarly, we never thought Patrick Carney of the Black Keys would be ruminating on the career of Justin Bieber. We do, however, always expect a few new beefs to sprout in the still early days of 2013…

When pressed for a quick quotable by the stealth lurkers at TMZ outside a Grammy after party, Carney spewed a series of insults that all circled back to the empty space on Bieber’s award shelf and the size of his bank account. “Grammys are for like music, not for money… and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy,” Carney said regarding Bieber’s “snub.” C’mon, man! That’s like rubbing salt in a dead horse (did I get that right?). The decorated drummer should sit back and enjoy the four new shiny things his band picked up, and leave poor Bieber alone. The dude’s been deserted by the land he calls home; he’s in a very fragile state right now.

Here’s the Bieber rebuttal (because “vacation” and #familytime can wait). They can take away his live stream, but they’ll never take away his ability to defend himself!

This is not Bieber’s first time being publicly insulted and/or criticized by an elder (looking at you, Marge Helgenberger) and he’s been getting more and more experienced fighting back–both physically and via social media. He’s also got boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on speed dial if things get really hairy. Your move, Patrick.

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[Photo: Getty Images]