The-Dream Is In Awe Of Beyoncé’s Star Power And Jay-Z’s Jokes

Shouldn't have worn that hat.

Like many BeyHive members, The-Dream remembers the exact moment he realized Beyoncé was something special. “There was just something in her attitude that came across,” he told VH1 of early Destiny’s Child video “Bills, Bills, Bills.” “It was something about that song and something about her persona that made me say, ‘Oh, wow. That girl’s gonna be out of here.'” Still waiting on your take on whether or not she’s the next to MJ, Terius, but this’ll do.

VH1 caught up with The Dream on the red carpet for premiere of Beyoncé’s documentary, Life Is But A Dream, which debuts this Saturday on HBO. Friendly reminder: Only three days left to make the necessary arrangement for your viewing parties! Admittedly “not a fan of girl groups” the frequent Bey collaborator and member of the Carter clan’s inner circle has had a busy week soaking up some of the power couple’s awesomeness, thanks to Sunday’s Grammy Awards. While his bling was on par with some of the best and brightest, the Grammy winner–who took home a statue for his work on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild”–stood out with a piece of headwear that allowed Hov the opportunity to show off his work-in-progress stand-up routine. (You may have been thinking of something better, but Jay was the one with the mic.)

So how does he plan on getting his friend back after the “swap meet” quip heard round the world? Underwear in the freezer? A whoopee cushion on his plush Roc Nation throne? “You really can’t get him back,” he says. “That was a good one.”

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