Rick Ross Teaches Us How To Survive New York Fashion Week

After a scary start to 2013, Rick Ross is back in the public eye, hitting up red carpets and runways of New York Fashion Week. This year’s crop of beautiful collections might be over, but because he’s always had a knack for teaching us how to live our best life, we pulled a few tips from the boss himself on how to survive next year’s sartorial summit.

Despite the frequency with which he rocks a bare chest, Rozay is truly a male fashionista; he appreciates all the finer things in life, so why would clothing be any different? Have you seen his Twitter background? Ross attended girlfriend  Shateria Moragne-el’s FrontRow show on Tuesday, sitting just inches away from Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer. If only we could have witnessed a rosé versus Pinot Grigio debate! Acknowledging the improbability that he’d land just inches away from a middle-aged reality star with a tweet that borrows from his “Lord Knows” verse, Rozay encourages us all to Boss Up, aim high, and come correct.

Along with a look at the major 2013 looks we’ll be saving up for, here are a few pointers from the Bawse for those planning to teeter from show to show next winter.

1. Bring your own refreshments

We see you silently judging over there, Ramona! Just because it’s not your brand doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

2. Wear layers.

Nemo may have been unpredictable, but it is February and New York is not Miami. Use your head.

3. Keep your glasses on

This helps to maintain a poker face before show’s end–i.e. fashion bloggers will never be able to tell if you hated the line.

4. Always bring your own side project to promote

There’s a lot of waiting around, which means you might as well take a moment to let the crowd know what you’re up to.

5. Celebrate!

It’s been a long week, and you’ve earned it.

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[Photos: Getty Images]