The Top 20 Things Your Favorite Musicians Do When They Get High

For most of you, today is simply Saturday, April 20. However, we just KNOW there are a bunch of you out there who have been counting down the days on your calendar for today, particularly those of you who smoke the occasional (or not so occasional) joint. Yes, today is 4/20, a day that marijuana enthusiasts the nation over celebrate with blunts, spliffs, bongs and vaporizers. As a way to acknowledge this the intersection of ganja and music, we thought we’d do some lyrical analysis of musicians across a variety of genres— we’re talking everyone from Jay-Z to The Beatles, from Lana Del Rey to Rihanna—to find out what they do when they get high.

  • Rihanna Smokes Weed

  • Jay-Z Smokes Weed

  • Snoop Lion Smokes Weed

  • M.I.A. Gets High

  • The Beatles Smoke Weed

  • Best Coast Smokes Weed

  • Hootie And The Blowfish Smoke Weed

  • Big Sean Smokes Weed

  • Drake Smokes Weed

  • Ed Sheeran Smokes Weed

  • Kanye West Smokes Weed

  • Lana Del Rey Smokes Weed

  • Lil Wayne Smokes Weed

  • Oasis Smokes Weed

  • Rick Ross Smokes Weed

  • Charlie Mars Smokes Weed

  • Spoon Smokes Weed

  • Nas Smokes Weed

  • Sublime Smokes Weed

  • Ella Fitzgerald SMokes Weed

The results, as you’ll see, run the gamut of emotions. Some people want to listen to some Pink Floyd (Charlie Mars), some want to make a run for the border (M.I.A.), and some people cry (poor Hootie). However you celebrate today, please do it safely!

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[Photo: Getty Images/Instagram]