Nicki Minaj Subtweets Mariah Carey, Calls Her “INSECURE” And “Bitter”

It’s no secret by now that American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have very little, if any, love for each other. The two started beefing as soon as cameras got rolling on Idol back in October, with Minaj threatening to “knock” Mariah out. It got so heated that Obama was brought in to broker peace between the two divas. All these weeks later, as Idol is about to wrap its lowest rated season in history, Minaj is dropping gloves again and launching shady subtweet bombs against Mimi on Twitter.

All this after Nicki broke out the Q-Tips on last night’s Idol? Damn! So far, no response from Mariah, who appears to be taking the high road in this squabble.

We don’t want to take sides in this brouhaha because we got nothin’ but love for both of these talented ladies, so we’re just going to paraphrase what Queen Latifah had to say on the Minaj/Mariah shenanigans last October: “You gotta respect your elders.” Mimi has been in the game for over 20 years at this point, managing to stay relevant the whole time, and that’s just something that you have to respect, no matter how many Hot 100 appearances you’ve made in the last few years. That said, where do y’all stand these days?

Whose Back Do You Got?

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