Yeah, Boy! Public Enemy ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ Day Two Of Hangout Fest

Don’t believe the hype about Public Enemy? First, brush up on your hip hop history as our friend Sway would say. Then, shut up and watch the hip hop royalty rip up the stage at Hangout Music Festival.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers got right down to it hyping up 10,000 strong packed in the tent that has been hosting EDM and hip hop acts. Once every fist in the crowd was in the air they plowed through a non-stop, high energy 15-song set starting with “Can’t Truss It” and “911 Is A Joke.”

I know what you’re thinking. Gulf Shores, Alabama is just about the last place you’d expect to find fans of Public Enemy, but this audience recited nearly every word of “Don’t Believe The Hype” when the beat dropped. The over-the-top excitement was likely due to how energetic Chuck D, Flavor Flav and crew  were throughout their hour slot. Sweat dripping in the at times oppressive humidity, the

If it weren’t for the resounding number of cell phones waving in the air, you’d think you were transported back to 1988. Flav’s clock isn’t as big as it used to be, but he’s still just as animated. The former Flavor of Love (now Couples Therapy) hype man even blessed the crowd with a drum solo.

And speaking of solos DJ Lord stole everyone’s heart when he cut Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirt” with Black Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” in a four-minute mini-mix before launching back into “Shut ’Em Down.”

Even after the last strains of “Fight The Power” faded from the sub woofers, the crowd was still vibrating with the residual energy of what Public Enemy left on the stage. Flav openly vocalized his satisfaction with the performance, too. He thanked everyone from the still rapt crowd to MTV’s Sway. “Keep doing what you do, and keep making everybody happy,” Flavor Flav said to the popular hip hop news correspondent as he embraced him on stage. Same to you, Public Enemy.