Gin Wigmore Ghost Tours New York Part 2

Move over, Ke$ha! You’re not the only singer getting felt up by ghosts. We took Gin Wigmore on a paranormal tour of New York City (check out Part 1 here) to close out her month as our You Oughta Know artist on the rise, and things got a little personal when she had an “encounter” with famed, freaky poet Edgar Allan Poe.

“The Raven” author declined to comment on Gin’s accusations during our trip to the haunted cellar of Il Buco Italian restaurant, but we find it hard to believe even a dead man could resist a chance to reach out to the New Zealand bombshell. “I think he’s feeling my bum,” Gin alerted her band and their tour guide Amada Anderson before sitting down to a playful tarot card reading.

Despite “putting a little bad juju in the cards for balance” there were nothing but good things in the cards for Gin during the reading. Not that we’re not surprised with the “Devil In Me” singer-songwriter prepping for Vans Warped Tour which kicks off in June.

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