Serena Ryder Brings Sex + Candy To VH1

Here’s a little something to help kick your hump day up a notch. Serena Ryder stopped VH1’s offices and brought us a “Sex and Candy” performance. The established Canadian rocker raising eyebrows in the U.S. for her “Stompa“-led album Harmony certainly raised ours when she treated us to the sultry acoustic Marcy Playground cover.

Turns out Serena is good friends with Marcy Playground frontman John Wozniak. Think of her performance as a shout out to the rocker (and payback for letting her tool around in his Toronto studio on occasion).

Fun fact: Serena was actually only familiar with the first verse and chorus when she came in. The 30-year-old singer-songwriting phenom proved why she’s a You Oughta Know winner this month when she not only picked up the rest of the late 90s alt rock song in less than 15 minutes, but sang it like she wrote it, plus backed herself on guitar. Mama surely is a dream.

Remember there’s more where that came from. Keep checking back to get more exclusive interviews, photos and performances from Serena Ryder all month as we follow her for You Oughta Know.

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