10 Pop Stars Who Could Teach Miley Cyrus A Thing Or Two About Twerking

Listen up, Miley. If you must continue on with your twerking campaign, it’s imperative you watch the pros so that your struggle twerk can improve. Hey, we’re just trying to help.

Miley Cyrus is fascinated–obsessed even–with twerking any and everywhere. And let’s just keep it all the way real since that’s what we down around here at VH1. Her twerking is mediocre at best. Don’t believe us, watch the official Twerk Team to get an idea of how it should be done. Thanks to Miley twerking has gone mainstream, but since not everyone is equipped with the right rhythm to nail this dance we figured we’d offer a little assistance.

From Lena Dunham’s Twitter query on whether everyone was “twerking hard or hardly twerking” to Bravo’s Andy Cohen informing the world he “twerked all over the West Village,” twerking in all its glory has arrived ladies and gentleman. The booty bouncing, hips gyrating dance that has been around forever (but wasn’t called twerking) has stepped beyond YouTube twerking by the cakes video and come to a stage near you. It’s an epidemic, y’all. With that in mind here are the ladies (and guy) who get it right. Watch and learn, Miley. Twerkin’ ain’t for everybody.

10. Rihanna will dutty wine all over your life.

9. You see that perfect hip swirl Christina Aguilera’s giving.

8. Remember when Diddy told Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane she danced like a black girl (whatever that means since all black girls can’t dance)?

7. We’re just going to leave this here and let you do what you may of Chris Brown’s booty popping.

6. Shakira shakes it perfectly to “Don’t stop, pop that, what you working with!”

5. Damn. Where you at Mya?

4. Watch the throne. Beyonce will show you how to do this, hun.

3. Before twerking was a thing, Janet Jackson owned it.

2. Aaliyah taught you how to rock the boat.

1. Any questions? Ciara has the answers.

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[Photo Credit: Tumblr and Gif Soup]