Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Singles Artwork Predictions

Kelly Rowland’s new album Talk A Good Game won’t hit shelves for another 24 hours, but we were lucky enough to listen to the anticipated R&B LP early. Based on what we heard, we think we already know her next single: all of them.  Okay, maybe they won’t all be official singles, but we can dream. So we picked nine of our  favorite unreleased cuts and gave them a little cover art treatment anyway.


Why You’ll Talk About It: It sounds like La Roux’s electronica-bent “Bullet Proof” had a one-night stand with Prince’s “Gett Off” and a baby “Freak” was born.

When + Where To Bump It: One parts sexy and two parts aggressive is the recipe for this intoxicating track. Blast while getting ready for a night out on the prowl. It’s nearly impossible to listen to without wanting to get primal “down low” if you know what I mean. You’ve been warned.


Why You’ll Talk About It: A Wiz Khalifa verse and a catchy sample of a popular and routinely covered Joni Mitchell folk-rock tune come together to help Ms. Kelly get “Gone” on the mid-tempo track.

When + Where To Bump It: Kiss-off tracks are the new “Dear John” letters. Leave it on repeat for that asshole (yep, that one) to find along with your empty closet. Rock a copy on your iPod as you hop in your big yellow taxi to get pumped about your new fabulous single life.

“Talk A Good Game”

Why You’ll Talk About It: The title track is not what you’re expecting (minds out of the gutter). It’s an uncomplicated R&B “let’s groove” listening track you’ll want to play again and again.

When + Where To Bump It: Sometimes you get tired of the games and just want someone to give you that honesty in a relationship. Or else. And when you reach that limit, this straight R&B ditty will give you the fluid mid-tempo courage to keep your cool and make that ultimatum.

“Down On Love”

Why You’ll Talk About It: Its real-talk honesty about the frustration we put ourselves through for relationships we know won’t last from that moment you laid eyes on his polo shirt-wearing, prosecco-buying face. Not that we’re speaking from experience…

When + Where To Bump It: During a bitch session with your girls about the rising epidemic of unsuitable men out there. You’ll swear off 5 a.m. booty calls after 10 spins of this track. Really, you mean it this time.

“I Remember”

Why You’ll Be Talking About It: Kelly balances the slight EDM grooves with haunting R&B ballad harmonies that you’re bound to get hooked on.

When + Where To Bump It: Blast it loud when you’re looking to rekindle that love lost or spark a new one.

“Red Wine”

Why You’ll Be Talking About It: It’s all about the music with this one. Vintage throwback harmonies add to rich vocal layers with a laid-back finish ala Brandy circa “Full Moon.” Thirsty yet?

When + Where To Bump It: This one is for a night of R&R. And yes, one of those R’s stand for red wine. Indulge when you need a cool, calm and laid-back night on the couch with a glass of something… red. Bottoms up.

“This Is Love”

Why You’ll Be Talking About It: It sounds like the electronica elements of Usher’s “Love In This Club” were chewed up and spit out (gracefully, of course) into a cup filled with P!nk’s “Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess.”

When + Where To Bump It: Feeling frisky? This song is the ultimate mood-setter, offering sultry soul over a solid beat to keep things interesting. Bump it with the lights dimmed down and make some music, lovebirds.

“Street Life” ft. Pusha T

Why You’ll Be Talking About It: It’s Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City” for a new generation. The gritty Pharrell- helmed track has Kelly exploring social commentary and an attitude previously unheard on past solo projects.

When + Where To Bump It: This track will make you want to take to the streets to vote…and twerk. Press play if you’re feeling a little ratchet with a little political unrest stirring in you. We’re talking to you, POTUS!

“Stand In Front Of Me”

Why You’ll Talk About It: It sounds like someone took Dusty Springfield’s 1960s classic (and My Best Friend’s Wedding staple) “Wishin’ And Hopin’,” sexed up the lyrics a bit but kept the innocent doo-wop feel. You nasty for this one, Pharrell!

When + Where To Bump It: For some inspiration while you’re writing your “Mad Men” fan fiction or you’re just in the mood for a daydream about your take charge Prince Charming. Chivalry isn’t dead just yet.

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