Is Kanye West Divine like Jesus?

Kanye West released his latest album, Yeezus, today and as Big Sean would say, “Oh Gaaaaawd!” Fans and Christians alike have been scratching their heads at the album title since it was revealed weeks ago. The title, a verbal mash-up of Jesus and West’s nickname, Yeezy, begs the question: Does Kanye think he’s divine?

Yeezy’s boastfully declared that Yeezus is his “God name.” At face value, his bravado doesn’t jive with the humble Jesus we sang about in Sunday school. Kanye’s lavish lifestyle doesn’t fit with the ascetic teachings of the savior, either. So what are the similarities between Jesus and Yeezus?

If anyone deserves some slack, it’s Kanye. After all, talented musical risk takers don’t come around often. So rather than debate the validity of his divine psyche, we inserted him into notable passages from the New Testament to see how the son of Donda stacks up to the Son of God.

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