Kelly Awards Superlatives To Her Destiny’s Child Sisters Beyoncé + Michelle

Aside from their compilation album cut “Nuclear,” Kelly Rowland’s Talk A Good Game single “You’ve Changed” marks the first collaboration between Destiny’s Child since 2005’s Destiny Fulfilled. In the name of nostalgia, we asked Kelly to compare the lives of her and her sisters then and now, handing out some good ol’ fashion superlatives along the way.

According to Kelly, not too much has changed between the ladies. “Everyone has different dynamics in our lifestyles now. That’s the biggest change between us three,” she said adding, “The love the friendship that always stays the same. It’s real and beautiful.” (Sorry, haters!)

K-Row went on to dish on which of her girls still has the funniest laugh, who is the biggest gossip and more. Watch the clip above to find out who hit a parked car and which star developed “a glow” since DC3 disbanded.

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[Photo Credit: Lauren Weissler]

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