The 5 Best Mashups Of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” And “Vogue”

Last night, Madonna hosted the New York premiere of her new film, Madonna: The MDNA Tour, which is the singer’s 10th live video album. Over the years, the singer has produced numerous hits (sadly none came from the MDMA album) but none have been as timeless as “Like A Virgin” or “Vogue.” In honor of their staying power, we bring you the 5 of the best mashups featuring one of those two tracks. Yes, that means there’s a little Bruno Mars, Icona Pop and even The xx now associated with Madge.

Madonna vs. Bruno Mars, “No Virgins In Heaven”

“Like A Virgin” gets a punch of new life in this mix with “Locked Out Of Heaven.” Thankfully, Madonna’s vocals stay intact and there’s very little Bruno in this fun ditty of a mashup.

Madonna vs. Icona Pop, “I Love Vogue”

Icona Pop’s undeniable hit, “I Love It” mashes surprisingly well with “Vogue.” Once again, Madonna’s vocals take the lead and feed off the newfound energy of Icona Pop’s club-ready beats.

Madonna vs. Duck Sauce, “Barbra Streisand Strikes A Pose!”

If you like Duck Sauce’s hit dance track from a few years ago, you’ll like it even better with Madonna’s “Vogue” over top of it. It gives the audio-less track some more vibrance. Now, strike a pose!

Up next: Cut Copy and The xx round out the list.

Madonna vs. The xx, “Like A Crystal”

Who knew “Like A Virgin” could be so transcendent?  The addition of The xx is surprising only because who would have really thought to merge these two artists?

Madonna vs. Cut Copy, “Take Me Like A Virgin”

This is probably one of the most unexpected mashups. Here, Cut Copy’s “Take Me Over” is the backing track to “Like A Virgin.” By now, you’re probably noticing a trend with Madge mashups.
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