Serena Ryder Shows Off Her British, Pirate + President Obama Impersonations

Will the real Serena Ryder please stand up? We thought we knew everything You Oughta Know about our June artist of the month, but the “Stompa” songbird still has some tricks up her sleeve. And after the Juno-winning, singer-songwriter showed off a hidden talent, we’re not even entirely sure that Serena’s Canadian.

Turns out Serena is a bit of a mimic and often has fun impersonating friends and celebs alike. SNL cameo, anyone? So we tested her skills in a pressure challenge that Ryder accepted full on. From Jamaican to Pirate (aye, why not), Serena dropped little known facts about herself in a range of accents with hilarious results. She even added a new one to her repertoire. Holler at your girl if you need a voice dub, POTUS!

Check them all out in the clip above and don’t forget to return for more exclusive interviews, photos and performances from Serena Ryder during her last week as June’s You Oughta Know star.

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